New record top price of $26,000 for Reiland

Jason Hulm, Gobba Angus manager, Wagga, with Reiland Angus co-principal Mark Lucas and the top price bull, Reiland Maccauley M1026, at $26,000.

Beef producers chasing carcase and low birthweight genetics paid a new record top price of $26,000 and average…

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Angus sire raises money for cancer research

The auction of young sire Reiland Macquarie M519 on April 18 will benefit prostrate cancer research.

Wagga Wagga branch of the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia will benefit from the proceeds of a young bull to be sold at the…

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Kevin scours Australia for latest super sire

Kevin Ryan is scouring southern Australia cattle studs for the latest “super sire”.

Kevin Ryan is tasked with scouring the globe for superior sires for some of the world’s most famous seedstock herds.

The 77-year-old stud stock advisor from New…

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Restockers pay to $2800 at Premier Angus sale

Mark Barton, Landmark Wagga, with clients Denise McMurtrie and Robert Hartwig, Wagga, after buying the top price pen for $2800 at the Premier Angus Breeder Sale.

Southern NSW restockers jockeyed for quality females at the Reiland Angus Invitational Premier Angus…

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