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Listed below is an offering of superior Angus genetics. Reiland’s mission has been to breed structurally sound, industry relevant cattle that excel on both pasture based and feedlot finishing systems.
Without question, any bull offered in this catalogue will be derived from dam lines that would pass any high level scrutiny in terms of performance, temperament, udder/treat excellence and proven fertility.
The sire catalogue is comprised of bulls not usually available to the beef industry, hence adding diversity through alternative industry breeding blood linages.


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  • Limited semen
  • Marbling KING with proven carcase excellence

A super sound sire who never goes out of vogue with a proven genetic profile with balance of maternal and carcase excellence.
VSNH70 was sound footed and of major dimension for a proven high marbling bull. We are still using him today in developing soft coated, high maternal females with superior carcase merit.
Given his carcase profile of +10.2 EMA and +4.4 IMF it is easy to understand his relevance in today’s quest to attain a sound true Angus type with superior carcase merit.
A significant contributor to the H70 story is his dam, VSNE23 who would regularly rear a calf 65% of her body weight and even back in her breeding days, posted top 2% (+4.6) IMF trait.

Reiland Mosman M1035

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  • Top 1% scrotal and days to calving
  • Top 5% EMA

An enormously dimensioned bull with physical presence and soundness. A son of Reiland Hilary, NLRH874 whose semen was sold to Whangara Angus Stud, Gisborne New Zealand.
His elite dam, G110 is the essential reason for his outstanding overall genetic and physical expression. She is still breeding at 10 years of age with perfect feet, legs, and udder/teat.
Use this bull to sire sound, functional, fertile females with ample softness.
Top 1% for days to calving and scrotal at +6.6 will obviously retain herd fertility and females with tremendous carcase attributes.
Top 5% eye-muscle at +10.2 with breed average fat levels make this genetic profile easy to use.
Top 3% ABI at +155 says it all in terms of his use options.

Reiland Plymouth P960

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Top 2% all index sire who boasts physical phenotype excellence, soundness, and carcase merit. Sold at the autumn 2020 Reiland sale for $28,000 to Houston Pastoral Company (HPC) Walwa.
He has developed into an imposing, mature sire with proven low birth at +1.9kg, short gestation at -9.6 days and impressive growth and thickness in his first calf crop. He has sired over 700 AI calves at HPC + Reiland herds.
Carcase excellence revolves around top 4% IMF at +3.9 and top 10% EMA at +9.0.
His dam never fails to rear a ‘’top of the crop’’ calf with a rapid re-joining period. In our opinion a sounder, easier doing bull than his sire given his easier calving and physical excellence.

Reiland Pirelli P913

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A standout sire for birth/growth IMF and temperament. Pirelli is sound footed and annoyingly quiet. He imparts first class growth to his offspring with top 4% growth at +146 (600D). Rarely do high growth Angus sires retain top 4% marbling at +3.9% IMF.
Pirelli holds top 1% all indexes with a remarkable +173 (ABI) and +206 (GRAIN). Genetically he excels in numerous profile traits including calving ease, growth, scrotal and carcase. This high growth sire demonstrates elite carcase traits of EMA and marbling whilst retaining top 1% carcase weight at 95.
Pirelli’s dam bred several impact sires by various sire mating including Reiland Nimbo N1176 and Reiland Proven P1281. His sire, Reiland Jordon J61 was purchased in 2014 by Agrigene and was one of the superior Aryvale E7 sons proven through the EDGE scheme. Unsurprisingly, his pedigree is full of high merit maternal bloodlines including that of Narracalca Valiant NNDV7 and dam Reiland Conny E16

Rock Momentum Q8

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  • Top 1% marbling +5.7

An extra ordinary sire in many respects given his outcross pedigree and easy to use data set. Suitable for a multitude of joining options from heifers to mainstream cow herds. He emanates from a proven industry dam line in MURRAY WAVE J43 who has bred numerous impact sires from her 30 odd calves bred to date.
Top 5% birth weight at +1.3 through to +116 600D growth combines well with his unique carcase data set of +8.0 for EMA and +5.7 IMF with neutral/ breed average fats.
Docile to handle and settles his cows quickly. No need to wonder about his structure given solid 5’s all round for feet.
Enquire about semen availability given his widespread demand by both commercial and registered cattlemen across the eastern states.

Reiland Ned N1164

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  • Semen limited

A tremendous curve bending sire with more than just growth. Top 2% 600D growth at +151 that emanates from a conservative birth weight of only +2.8kg. Additionally, this bull possesses impressive calving ease traits at +8.0 and +8.6.
A true heifer joining option with at strong sire line via KIDMAN IMPACT who’s sone achieved the highest average at the 2021 Reiland Spring bull sale at Tumut.
Use safely across any cow herd to improve growth, carcase and carcase weight at +95 whilst retaining the all-important fertility trait of days to calving at -8.1 (top 5%). Top 1% all indexes say it all.

Reiland Qarhere Q301

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A stout, heavily muscled bull with real Angus character and soundness. Qarhere posted a ‘’real time’’ growth performance of 82kg ahead of his contemporary group average. He exhibits width from behind, deep sided and as slick skinned as you will find a bull.
Top 1% 200/400/600 DAY GROWTH at +163 whilst retaining a modest +128kg for MCW. A major league carcase sire with +8.3 for EMA and top 2% carcase weight whilst retaining impressive scrotal and IMF data.
He is a heifers first calf and with a kind disposition. Use him to enhance growth, type and fertility whilst retaining positive carcase.