Reiland Angus Dams


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Reiland Lowan H931 is the base cow to an exclusive focus on a high docility sub set within the Reiland herd. Her sire, Sydgen CC & 7, is one of the highest docility bulls in the US with outstanding performance, fertility and type.


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In keeping with the Reiland tradition of maintaining genetic variances within the herd base, this donor is by Canadian bull HF Kodiak 5R. She emanates from one of Pine Creek’ highest performance cows.


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A super cow with brilliant performance, constitution and breed leading marbling for her age (top 5%). She is the dam of the highly influential Reiland Freshlad whose daughters are excelling in all aspects of productivity.


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The matriarch of the Reiland donor team. At 14 years of age, Reiland Nicky Z413 has stood the test of time in terms of structural soundness. Recent DNA testing highlighted +118 for 600 day growth and top 4% for IMF. A cow ahead of her time while still maintaining excellent teat and udder expression. Her offspring have sold for up to $24,000.

Twynam Wedgewood E69

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A donor purchased by Reiland from Twynam Angus, Forbes, NSW, for her depth of breeding, body capacity and performance.
Despite her age, she is perfectly structured and strongly maternal.
A slick skinned, easy doing cow who never fails to rear one of the best calves in that year.
Her performance data is years ahead of her time across all parameters for growth and carcase.
This is notably high calving ease, low birth and high growth at +117kg for 600 days and top 10% for scrotal and eye muscle, combining with top 4% for carcase weight.
A cow line that cannot be overlooked.


Reiland BlackLiz Z509

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A standout donor cow by the invincible sire in Narracalca Valiant V7 owned by Reiland Angus.
His sire, even today, has breed best data set, hence the ongoing flushing of his best daughters.
She is picture perfect structure, docile and productive in all aspects that have made the Angus breed famous.
The solid growth data for a cow her age combines well with positive calving ease and top 10% marbling at +3.0.
Valiant V7 has proven to be one of the most productive New Design 036 sons used in Australia.


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