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Current Reiland Semen

Reiland Everitt E17

Reiland Everitt E17 (NLRE17) – Benchmark Proven

A unique individual with proven growth, muscle and superior top 2% eye muscle at +9.0. He imparts tremendous carcase length and spectacular femininity in the female drop. He has a proven top 1% scrotal EBV at +4.4 and unrivalled Retail beef yield at +2.2. These unique genetic parameters make this sire highly sought after in all progressive beef operations looking to improve each generation developed.

A bull that will not fall out of favour and will easily demand attention of breeders wishing to impart quality in both replacement females, bulls and steers.

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Reiland Hillary H874

Reiland Hilary H874 (NLRH874) – Flagship Sire!

Reiland Hilary was inspected by a discerning New Zealand group of Angus enthusiasts for structure, soundness, all breed character and superior carcase traits. After inspecting 8 other individuals, Hilary ticks the boxes of positive calving ease, top 5% growth at +124, eye muscle at +8 and top 2% for marbling at +3.6. HILARY is a breed leader registering a +198 Heavy Gain Index and a top 1% Angus breeding index (ABI) at +164.

This sire is difficult to fault with fluidity of movement and a maternal line of significant impact.

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Kidman Impact K99

Kidman Impact K99 (BKCK99)

Purchased as a future, rock solid genetic 2 year old. Impact has been used widely across the herd for both heifer and cow mating’s given his combination of low birth sires contained within his pedigree via Edmond E11 and TC Aberdeen. We believe he is superior to these bulls for birth, growth expression and carcase excellence. Very few bulls rate as highly as IMPACT K99 for this spread of data. Top 2% for 600Day at +138 growth from a modest birth of +4.3 birth. Commercial relevance is clearly demonstrated via top 2% Scrotal at +3.2 and carcase weight at +80 which is superior than his sire.

An elite sire who is placid, sound footed and positive fat and top 5% for marbling. His first calves appear very promising.

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Reiland Jed J954 (NLRJ954) – Performance Plus

A solid made sire who easily reflects this top2% eye muscle EBV at +9.3. High muscularity sire with superior maternal linage via one of the breeds super cows in Alpine Wilcoola D18.

A sire easy to use across both heifers and cow herds successfully given his -8.4 gestation EBV. A sire who transmits carcase shape and dimension with standout docility .

“Tested by time and proven by genomics” will see the bull used more extensively into the future.

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Reiland Kurri K954 (NLRK954)

This maternal linage in the sire is without peer. The “Nicky family” cornerstone within the Reiland herd breed ever so reliably and even today the Z413 cow is rearing a calf equivalent to so many younger cows. She possesses picture perfect udder and teat shape as a 14 year old cow run under purely commercial conditions the 1400 head herd she competes within.

Reiland Kurri K954 is an impressive frame 6.2 sire with impressive body dimension, fluid movement and as sound as you can make a bull.

Data set impresses with +124, 600Day weight (top 5%) combining with top 1% for marbling at +3.8. Something that is all too rare these days is a positive fat carcase EBV. Safe to use in cow herds striving to improve growth, weight for age and maternal excellence.

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Reiland Lancefield L934 (NLRL934) – He has got the lot!

The top priced bull at the 2017 autumn sale who reflects the culmination of the elite bloodlines. A real performance sire boasting top 1% growth at +134, top 1% carcase weight at +83 and marbling at +3.7

His sire possess one of the highest marbling bloodlines in the Angus breed at +5.0 along with other top ranking attributes that have made Angus the true performance breed.

This sire combines the equally pre-eminent bloodline of Reiland Nicky Z413 who herself is sired by one of Australia’s best BR New Design 036 sires in VALIANT V7.

Rock solid genetic background that will breed equally impressive males and females.

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