Reiland Angus Sires


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  • Limited semen
  • Marbling KING with proven carcase excellence

A super sound sire who never goes out of vogue with a proven genetic profile with balance of maternal and carcase excellence.
VSNH70 was sound footed and of major dimension for a proven high marbling bull. We are still using him today in developing soft coated, high maternal females with superior carcase merit.
Given his carcase profile of +10.2 EMA and +4.4 IMF it is easy to understand his relevance in today’s quest to attain a sound true Angus type with superior carcase merit.
A significant contributor to the H70 story is his dam, VSNE23 who would regularly rear a calf 65% of her body weight and even back in her breeding days, posted top 2% (+4.6) IMF trait.


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Reiland Jagger J938 is a sire that transmits exceptional muscle content and growth to all progeny. His carcase data set is highly impressive at +8.0 sqcm for eye muscle area and this combines with +2.0 for IMF. A true Angus breed type.


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Reiland Law L261 is an up and coming star in the Reiland program. From his highly influential dam, Reiland Dresden F66, he has received tremendous body depth. He is very mobile for such a thick bull. L261 ranks in the top 1% for EMA at +14.5 sqcm, Top 15% fro marbling at +2.5 IM and top 4% for retail beef yield at +1.9. He reflects the positive muscle selection and carcase yield Reiland cattle are noted for.


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A yearling ET bull purchased at the 2018 The Rock bull sale. A son of Ayrvale Bartel E7, he has high docility, exceptional growth at +149kg, and an elite carcase data set. He ranks to 1% for all selection indexes and has a birthweight of +3.4kg. He will be lightly used in spring 2018 on select cows.