Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Reiland Angus helps out Kidney Kar Rally

Two bright pink rally cars sporting the Reiland Angus logo will be raising money for kidney disease in the Kidney Kar Rally in August.

John Taylor, Vicky Colley, Shane Lisle and Charlie Gaston will be competing in the rally, starting at Goulburn on August 3 and finishing at Queanbeyan, via Ballarat, on August 11.

John and Vicki, of Collingullie, will be driving a hot pink Daihatsu, called Una Beaver, while Shane and Charlie will drive a pink Suzuki Sierra, Beaver Jnr.

John is a close friend of Huw Lucas and carts feed pellets from Leeton to Reiland in his truck.

“The first Kidney Kar Rally was organised in 1989 and over the years has raised much needed funds to provide special support for children living with chronic kidney disease,” he said.

“The rally helps run national Kidney Kids camps, Kidney Kids Capers and young adult programs.

“These camps and programs allow children and their families to interact with others who have similar health issues and develop peer support networks in an environment where entertainment and structured adult-supervised activities are available for Kidney Kids, whilst receiving the necessary life saving medical care.”

The Reiland sponsored team held a fund raising team penning day at Elberta on June 9-10, and a charity auction at Collingullie on June 30, with proceeds going directly to Kidney Health Australia.

“After many late nights we are getting both vehicles close to finished,” John said.

“I wish to thank Reiland for the donations made to help us raise money and to make the run.”