Reiland Angus Sires

Reiland Mosman M1035

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A true breed leader across the board in terms of balance, constitution and performance. Semen has been exported to Whangara Angus, Gisborne, New Zealand.
A well muscled son of Reiland Hilary H874, he has exceptional carcase expression with top 1% eye muscle area at +10.9 sqcm, neutral/positive fats and top 15% for marbling.
Mosman ranks top 1% for scrotal at +7.4cm and can be used safely on heifer or cow joinings. His first calves are expected in autumn 2019.

Ayrvale Montana M13

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A sire purchased by Reiland for his variance in bloodline and superior maternal pedigree. He is extremely sound and docile in nature. We see his role in developing productive, efficient cattle excelling off pasture for all markets.
He is top 2% for 400 day growth at +104kg, setting him apart from many other high profile bulls. His breed average mature cow weight, neutral rib/rump fats and top 10% IMF makes his genetic contribution exceptional.

Aryvale Mercury M20

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This bull has exceptional growth with top 1% for 400 and 600 day weights at +108 and +148kg respectively.
All this whilst maintaining positive fat (top 3%) and top 1% for scrotal at +4.5cm.
A docile, easy doing sire who will impart softness and a high level of maternal excellence. His grain index at +168 reflects his excellence across a number of key economic traits.
His sire, Witherswood Performer E49, is a highly proven bull with nearly 300 progeny and a breed leader in rib/rump fat at +1.8mm and +3.4mm (top 1%) respectively.
In addition, he is top 4% for carcase weight.

Reiland Plymouth P960

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Exciting new AI site! Performance king Reiland Plymouth P960. Possibly one of the superior Angus sires offered for sale this season.
Pedigree with supreme carcase and growth. TOP 2% all indexes made up of his high end marbling (IMF) at +4.5, TOP 7% (EMA) at +9.2 and impressive birth to growth. Don’t miss out – semen available by contacting Reiland Angus

Reiland Prime P920

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Introducing our new exciting AI sire: Reiland Prime P920 is a truly balanced sire. Prime is a moderate framed bull with high muscularity.
Faultless in both structure and data for a high gain bull. TOP 4% 600D at +141, TOP 2% carcase weight +86 and neutral fats for a Discovery son. Semen available by contacting Reiland Angus