Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Reiland invests in new calving ease and carcass sire

New sire at Reiland is Stony Point Reality M911 (AI) (ET).

Reiland Angus has invested in a well credentialed South Australian sire Stony Point Reality M911 (AI) (ET).

The young bull is by Matauri Reality, a New Zealand sire breeding strong calving ease and positive carcass traits.

M911 ranks in the top one per cent for calving ease at +4.7 Dr and a +4.5 Dtrs.

His birthweight at +4.7 kg posts an impressive top two per cent, as does his scrotal size at +3.1 cm.

Carcass data generates interest with a top five per cent for eye muscle area at +6.7 sqcm and above average rib and rump fats.

Reiland Angus has always taken pride in focusing on the main game with a positive +0.5 per cent for retail beef yield.

Sam Lucas said it was difficult to find a bull with positive fat and ease of doing while retaining a positive retail beef yield.

The bull’s dam has 34 progeny analysed and hails from the famed Dream blood lineage.

“The Reality bull is part of the insightful long term breeding principles adhered to over the past 45 years the stud has been operating,” Sam said.