Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Kidman Impact K99 (BKCK99)

Purchased as a future, rock solid genetic 2 year old. Impact has been used widely across the herd for both heifer and cow mating’s given his combination of low birth sires contained within his pedigree via Edmond E11 and TC Aberdeen. We believe he is superior to these bulls for birth, growth expression and carcase excellence. Very few bulls rate as highly as IMPACT K99 for this spread of data. Top 2% for 600Day at +138 growth from a modest birth of +4.3 birth. Commercial relevance is clearly demonstrated via top 2% Scrotal at +3.2 and carcase weight at +80 which is superior than his sire.

An elite sire who is placid, sound footed and positive fat and top 5% for marbling. His first calves appear very promising.