Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Reiland Kurri K954 (NLRK954)

This maternal linage in the sire is without peer. The “Nicky family” cornerstone within the Reiland herd breed ever so reliably and even today the Z413 cow is rearing a calf equivalent to so many younger cows. She possesses picture perfect udder and teat shape as a 14 year old cow run under purely commercial conditions the 1400 head herd she competes within.

Reiland Kurri K954 is an impressive frame 6.2 sire with impressive body dimension, fluid movement and as sound as you can make a bull.

Data set impresses with +124, 600Day weight (top 5%) combining with top 1% for marbling at +3.8. Something that is all too rare these days is a positive fat carcase EBV. Safe to use in cow herds striving to improve growth, weight for age and maternal excellence.