Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Reiland Lancefield L934 (NLRL934) – He has got the lot!

The top priced bull at the 2017 autumn sale who reflects the culmination of the elite bloodlines. A real performance sire boasting top 1% growth at +134, top 1% carcase weight at +83 and marbling at +3.7

His sire possess one of the highest marbling bloodlines in the Angus breed at +5.0 along with other top ranking attributes that have made Angus the true performance breed.

This sire combines the equally pre-eminent bloodline of Reiland Nicky Z413 who herself is sired by one of Australia’s best BR New Design 036 sires in VALIANT V7.

Rock solid genetic background that will breed equally impressive males and females.