Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Into the Stratosphere at Reiland spring sale

Mark Boileau, Bannister Station manager, Crookwell, with Sam Lucas, Reiland Angus, and the $31,000 top price bull, Reiland Q-Stratisphere Q16.

Beef producers chasing easy calving high growth bulls paid to a top of $31,000, setting a new record for the stud at the Reiland Angus spring bull sale on Friday.

Held on-property on September 4 at Tumut by the Lucas family, the sale drew 55 registered buyers from the Upper Murray, Riverina, NSW southern slopes, northern NSW, NSW southern highlands and Victoria.

The sale was interfaced with AuctionsPlus, with all bulls presented in a video format and buyers seated according to social distancing regulations.

A total of 67 bulls were offered and sold to a top of $31,000, gross of $696,500 and a new record average of $10,395 – a rise of $4192 on last year’s spring sale.

The $31,000 price tag eclipsed the previous record of $28,000 set in autumn 2020.

A total of nine bulls were sold via AuctionsPlus.

Reiland Angus co-principal Mark Lucas said the reviews on the bulls by clients in terms of data and presentation had been heartwarming.

“Buyers wanted bulls with shape but more importantly low birthweight with good growth,” Mr Lucas said.

“A semen company has expressed significant interest in the top price bull and he will be used in a major AI program this year along with a joining over Reiland registered and commercial heifers.”

Repeat clients Tom and Chris Hughes, Bannister Station, Crookwell, outlaid the top price for Reiland Q-Stratisphere Q16, a 17-month-old son of Stoney Point Reality M911.

Weighing 644kg, Stratisphere was genomically tested and regarded by Mr Lucas as one of the best bulls offered for sale in 2020 with a birthweight at +2.7kg and 600 day growth at +127kg.

On BREEDPLAN, the bull ranked top one per cent for Grain Index at +$194 and top three per cent for intramuscular fat at +3.8, combined with low birthweight and high calving ease at +8.3.

Reiland retained 50 per cent semen and marketing rights in the young sire.

Bannister Station manager Mark Boileau said Stratisphere would be used in an artificial insemination program over commercial females.

“We selected the bull on his BREEDPLAN figures – he is a well balanced low birthweight bull with high marbling, structurally very sound, proven maternal pedigree and ticked all the boxes for us,” Mr Boileau said.

“He will be the first bull we have used in an AI program.

“We joined 700 cows this year and have been on Reiland blood for 25 years.

“We primarily turn off feeder steers at 450-500kg through JBS Australia.

“Marbling is important but fertility is the number one driver for us but we combine all those traits together to come up with a pretty good product.”

Mr Boileau said the bulls presented well and the sale was strong.

Sam Lucas, Reiland Angus, with Graham Houston, Burrowye, Vic, bought 10 bulls to a top of $17,000 for Houston Pastoral and Towong Pty Ltd at the Reiland Angus spring sale.

Second top price was $17,000 paid by repeat clients Graham and Judy Houston, Burrowye, Vic, for Reiland Quiz Q15, a son of Esslemont Lotto L3.

The 17-month-old bull weighed 650kg and was a curve bender with a birthweight of +4.7kg and 600 day growth of +127, intramuscular fat of +3.0 and eye muscle area of +6.9sqcm.

Reiland retained a 50 per cent semen share and marketing rights in Quiz.

Mr and Mrs Houston bought six bulls for Houston Pastoral Company to a top of $16,000 and four for Towong Pty Ltd to a top of $17,000.

Elders Albury auctioneer Brett Shea described the sale as “rock solid”.

“We didn’t sell a bull for the basement price of $4000 – the beauty is they are commercial producers putting bulls out with commercial cows paying a $10,395 average, and happy to give $12,000 to $16,000 on quality bulls,’’ Mr Shea said.

“There was tremendous confidence and 100 per cent clearance, and a solid result.

The cattle are soft with plenty of phenotype, and a good moderate frame with plenty of growth.”

Among the volume buyers were Robert Hartwig and Denise McMurtrie, Wagga, with two bulls to a top of $13,000; C and D Smith, Tumbarumba, three bulls to a top of $9000; Yabtree Pastoral, Mundarlo, three bulls to $14,000; South Tahara Park, Forest Hill, three bulls to $10,000; Riverview Wallah, Rugby, three bulls to $11,000; and A and F Nicholls, Gundagai, five bulls to $10,000;

Mr Lucas said Reiland Angus would celebrate 50 years of Angus breeding in 2021 followed by an on-property sale of elite registered females in 2022.

“50 years is a long haul when the average for any registered herd is only seven years,” he said.