Landscape image of the Reiland Angus property

Line-up of impact sires at Reiland spring sale

Reiland Quinlan Q910, Lot 17, ranks top 1% for carcase weight, top 6% for 200 day weight and top 8% for retail beef yield.

Thirteen industry changing sires ranking in the top 5 per cent of the Angus breed for a multitude of carcase, fertility and production traits will be on offer at the Reiland spring sale next week.

The sale will be held on Friday, September 4 at 1pm at Killimicat Station, Tumut, and will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus.

There will be a total of 68 bulls on offer with 60 per cent suited to heifer joinings.

The Lucas family’s breeding objectives focus on calving ease, low/medium birthweight combined with a shorter gestation and top 10 per cent for growth and carcase data.

Co-principal Mark Lucas said buyers could invest in bloodlines to maximise on-farm returns and focus on building strong maternal traits of calf survival, milk performance and quick rebreeding.

He said many of the bulls emanate from artificial AI and embryo transfer technology to maximize genetic progress.

Mr Lucas said the sale includes 13 impact sires ranked in the top 5 per cent of the Angus breed for eye muscle area, carcase weight, intramuscular fat, days to calving, birthweight, gestation length, 400 and 600 day weights, milk, scrotal size, and the breed indices for grass and grain.

“These bulls record outstanding maternal and carcase data sets and have undergone rigorous structural and fertility assessment by veterinarians.”

Auctioneer Michael Glasser, GTSM, assessed the bulls this week.

“I have inspected what I believe to be one of, if not the best, representation of young sires yet represented by Reiland Angus,” Mr Glasser said.

“Balancing both phenotype and performance data, the Reiland draft is raised under commercial conditions.

“As I often say, it is a pleasure to stand over cattle that are truly representative of their data.”

Mr Lucas assured clients all COVID regulations would be in place at the sale.

“We are considerate of the health and well being of clients, staff and agents,” he said